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I have used my own name for this website because I personally work on every project. Throughout this site I won't use terms like "call us" or "we can do this...". If you use my services, you deal directly with me throughout the project.

My Story

Background In Digital Marketing

My background in web design goes all the way back to the very early days of the internet. In the 1990's I started building websites while living in the Canary Islands, Spain. 

In those early days of web design, sites were hand-written (using html code). Before the days of Macromedia Dreamweaver!

Things progressed slowly for a while in the early days. While others were creating pages with flashing GIF’s and annoying MIDI music, I was developing database driven sites allowing users to “search by”. Basic stuff now but a huge deal at the time.


My Older Work

Some of the older sites that I created years ago used inventive techniques such as slicing up images in Photoshop and fitting them together. If these methods were used today, the sites would display on mobile devices like jumbled up pieces of a jigsaw. They looked great at the time, but in those days we were designing websites to be viewed on computer monitors, all using pretty much the same resolution. Today it's all about cross-platform compatibility. 

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About Me

A brief intro. My name is Barry Reilly. During my 15+ years in Spain I worked within entertainment & broadcasting. During my time on Spanish radio in the mid-90's I became involved in IT. 

On my return to Scotland I owned a high street computer shop for 10 years. 

Throughout all of these years I have been involved in creative marketing, website design & advertising. 

I am now based in Troon. Our local radio station here in Ayrshire is Irvine Beat FM. I present lunchtime programmes on there a couple of afternoons every week on a Monday & Friday. 

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