Social Media Management

The service that I offer involves creating & posting content to your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages. Analysing results, improving post reach, gaining followers and engaging with users.  

Social media has become a major part of business marketing. There are huge benefits if you get it right. However to achieve great results takes time, planning & strategy.

Anyone who runs a business will know just how time consuming it is running social media marketing in-house. 

Time that could be better spent doing what you do best... running your business.

Quick guide to using social media for business —


The reason this is the 1st choice for business on social media is the potential of Facebook. The numbers & stats are just incredible. 


Too often the potential of Twitter to promote a business is neglected. Again the numbers & stats are mind blowing.


If your brand has visual content this platform is huge. If your target market is aimed at younger audiences, you have to have presence here.


Running a YouTube channel is very time consuming. You have to put the hours in. The rewards though - are huge. 


An absolute must if your company is B2B based. LinedIn enables you to reach people within your industry.


Great for image based companies that create or produce things. Sharing ideas can drive traffic to your site.

What is the goal? What would you like to achieve? 

Different companies use social media for different purposes. A clear goal and strategy is important in any project.

What would you like to achieve by improving your social media content?

  • More followers
  • Promote offers, goods, services or events
  • Raise brand awareness & reputation
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Save money on marketing
  • Reach a mobile audience
  • Direct communication with clients

Too often when I take on projects, a typical failure in strategy would be this scenario:

Land on a Facebook page which seems to drive traffic to the website. Getting to the website to be told, "hey, you should visit our Facebook page". 

Where is the goal? What is the objective? We're going round in circles here.

How does Social Media Management work?

I'll use the example of a restaurant bringing me in to manage their output on Facebook.

  • At the initial briefing we will discuss strategy and set out clear goals. 
  • You add me as an administrator to your business page. You do not lose the ability to post your own content in addition to the scheduled post material that I will be creating. The page belongs to you and you maintain full control.
  • I will create content to engage with your audience which will encourage them to comment, like and share.
  • The content will be a mixture of professionally designed images, video ads and original pictures from your establishment. 
  • Post screening can be used. This means that every post that I create can be scheduled therefore as Admin, you will be able to view it before it goes out live.
  • I will stay in close communication with you to be ready for forthcoming offers, specials or events.

The best thing about this whole process... you free up your time or your manager's time to do what you do best - run the business. Meanwhile you have a healthy, professional, growing and active presence online.

It's outsourcing.