Designing a website requires strategy. What is your goal? Online sales? Brand recognition? Interactive bookings?  Every company within every industry has different requirements. If your website isn't working for you, it probably lacks strategy.


CTA - Call To Action

What is "Call to action"? This is the most important part of your website. CTA could be a button that says "Buy Now". The button could say "Call Us Today". CTA prompts should be prominent throughout your site. 

Most web designers fail to recognise the importance of CTA on a website. 

A good example is on this site. Starting at the Home Page, the CTA button at the foot of each page takes you to the next page.

Here's A CTA. Contact Me Today

Key factors to gaining Google ranking in 2020 —


If your site content is useful, original and helpful, you will gain ranking with search engines. 


Backlinks from pages with authority within your niche can help. Writing your own original articles is the way forward.

Load Speed

The days of waiting for a website to load are gone. Load time is a huge factor when creating a website.

Mobile Friendly

Statistics in 2020 show that over half of website traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website doesn't look smart on a phone, forget it!

Original Content

Genuine, original content is what we all want to read on the internet. Not content that is copied / pasted from somewhere else.

Privacy Policy

Clear & genuine privacy rules for your visitors is hugely important. Show your visitors respect. No-one likes spammy popups and hooks.

Don't you just hate websites like these that don't list any prices! Sure, every project is different but here at least, are some examples to give you an idea.

If you bring me in to fix or create your website, this is one of many tips that I will recommend.

Here's an article that I wrote on this topic.

Example Packages

Prices are for building the site and optimising for search engines. Domain names & annual hosting not included. This is billed from the server company. If you don't have one, contact me for advice on picking the right server.

  • Revamp - £450

    If you already have a website that needs a complete overhaul and redesigned.

  • Brand New Site - £550

    A completely new site. From scratch to publication.

  • E Commerce - £750

    Online shop. Includes manager / staff training.